Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vegan Kid-Friendly Nail Polish

How cool is this?!? Hopscotch Kids is a vegan, non-toxic nail polish line for kids!  I stumbled upon them this morning, as I was looking for a vegan alternative to Zoya nail polish (I'm having some trouble with their lack of customer service skills).  So, Zoya is out, and Hopscotch/Scotch Naturals vegan nail polish is in!

Evelyn always wants me to paint her nails as I paint mine, but I usually can only bring myself to paint one little baby toe.  I worry about the toxins in nail polish, even though my polish was vegan, that still didn't mean it was safe enough for my kid.  Not to mention the polish remover!  Evelyn's one painted toe stays painted, until the polish chips off.  She doesn't seem to mind the chipped look.  :)  But, it appears that Hopscotch Kids has a safe nail polish remover for kids!  I'm just so excited to try this out!  Woo hoo!

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