Thursday, June 23, 2011

Taco Cabana Vegan Items

I just received this e-mail back from Taco Cabana:

TACO CABANA® Vegan Diet Items 

Items which do not contain animal protein or fat 
 (According to ingredient suppliers and food sources) 
Black Beans 
Burrito & Quesadilla Flour Tortillas only 
Corn Tortillas – includes Shells and Chips* 
Crispy Cabana Shell* 
Fresh Produce 
Salsa Bar (except Salsa Ranch) 
Menu Suggestions: 
Black Bean Burrito 
Black Bean Taco on Corn Tortilla(instead of flour tortilla) 
Cabana Bowl with Crispy Cabana Shell, Black Beans, Salad Blend, Pico de Gallo 
Chips and Salsa 
The flour tortilla products in our restaurants are produced with 100%
vegetable shortening, and all products are fried in 100% vegetable 
oil.  All salsas are made fresh daily in each restaurant using fresh 
produce and no preservatives. 
* Taco Cabana uses a common fryer. 

05/2011 ks


  1. thanks for posting this. For a while their black bean tacos were being made with rice that was cooked in chicken broth. I was told they have changed that. They are listing the black bean taco as vegetarian on the menu now. But I guess if you change to the corn tortilla (which I always do) it;s vegan. That makes me very happy.

  2. Do the taco flour tortillas contain some sort of animal fat? That would be very unusual these days... But based on your post, that seems to be the case.

  3. They contain 100% vegetable shortening.

  4. If you are referring to the taco, they share a common fryer with meat items.

  5. I read in another article that the flour tortillas are not vegan because they contain whey.

  6. This was an e-mail from Taco Cabana in 2011.

    Since it is a couple years later, for an accurate ingredient list contact them through e-mail.